About Us

Members of The Norfolk Coast Amateur Radio Society are a group of like minded individuals with an interest in radio experimentation particularly antennas.

Kiwi SDR Receiver

Our web based Kiwi SDR receiver can be accessed at: ncars.ddns.net:8073 The receiver is located in East Runton, Norfolk and provides full coverage of the HF bands from 0-30 MHz using a loop antenna.

Up to 4 users can connect at any one time.

DX Cluster Node

The login details for our DX Cluster Node are:

MX0NCA-2 dxc.mx0nca.uk port 7373

MX0NCA-2 uses DXSpider software version 1.57 (mojo branch) and provides RBN skimmer spots.

All connections to our cluster node are logged.