Members of The Norfolk Coast Amateur Radio Society (NCARS) are a group of like minded individuals with an interest in radio experimentation and, in particular, antenna design. We also have a small group of members interested in contesting particularly using morse code (CW).

Current projects include design of short vertical antennas for portable use, sending HD video over 5GHz links and using VLF frequencies as low as 8KHz.

During the summer, the club frequently operates portable from the many cliff top sites along the North Norfolk coast. Listen out for MX0NCA/P during weekday mornings on 20m CW and on 40m using SSB and/or FT8.

MX0NCA-2 DX Cluster Node

NCARS operates a DX Cluster node providing both normal and RBN (Reverse Beacon Network) spots. This is a filtered node optimized for UK and Western Europe. Therefore, the node only serves spots where the SPOTTER is in CQ Zones 14, 15, 16, 20 or 33 ie Western Europe/North West Africa. In addition, spots for FT4 and FT8 signals are removed from the normal spot stream. Note that RBN spots can be optionally turned on for CW, RTTY and FT4/8 spots.

For full details of our cluster node click here

SDR Receiver

NCARS provides a public HF SDR receiver (KiwiSDR) which can be operated over the internet using a standard browser . The receiver is located in the town of Cromer on the North Norfolk Coast and covers 0.3-30MHz. The antenna is a loft mounted Welbrook Loop directed North/South.

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