N1MM – Recovery from Startup Crash

Occasionally when you start N1MM the program fails to start and displays the screen below. Don’t panic. This is usually very easy to recover from.

As it states in the dialogue box this is invariably caused by a corrupt .ini file. This occasionally occurs after updating to a newer version or after a power surge/cut causes a PC crash. Fortunately, N1MM creates a backup of the .ini file every time it closes. All we need to do is recover the backup.

How to revert to a previous .ini file

The .ini file resides on your PC in the Documents/N1MM Logger+ folder so open Windows Explorer and navigate to Documents/N1MM Logger+

You will almost certainly see that the file “n1mm logger.ini” has a size of 0 KB

Delete this file

You will see that there are lots of files with a name in the format “n1mm logger.ini.[day of week].bak

Select the most recent that does not have a file size of zero. Around 11 KB is normal. Rename this file to “n1mm logger.ini” – in other words remove the [day of week].bak part of the file name.

Restart N1MM and it should now restart as normal. It may revert to a previous contest log, so you will need to reopen the log you need.